In the academic year 2018-2019 the education program of DSS consists of three undergraduate level courses and three graduate level courses.

In addition, the education program also includes a graduate level Master in Data Science, in collaboration with the other departments belonging to the I3S Faculty, Department of Computer Science, Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering Antonio Ruberti and Department of Information Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications.

Undegraduate curricula (classification L-41)

Statistics, Economics and Society
Statistics, Economics, Finance and Insurances
Statistics for management

Graduate curricula

Statistical Sciences (classification LM-82) (New in a.a. 2018-19)
Actuarial and Financial Sciences (classification LM-83) (New in a.a. 2018-19)
Statistical Methods and Applications (classification LM-82) (New in a.a. 2018-19)
Data Science (classification LM-91)

NEWS: Preparatory courses for Sapienza international students A.Y. 2018-19. Click here for more info

Those enrolled in the 2nd year of the following Master's Degree courses find the information at the following links:

Statistical sciences, population and economics (classification LM-82) (2017-18)
Actuarial and Financial Sciences (classification LM-83) (2017-18)
Statistics and Decision Sciences (classification LM-82) (2017-18)

Periodic Accreditation Goals