In the academic year 2021-2022 the education program of DSS consists of:

Undegraduate curricula (classification L-41)

Statistics, Economics and Society
Statistics, Economics, Finance and Insurances
Statistics for management

Graduate curricula

Statistical Sciences
Actuarial and Financial Sciences
Statistical Methods and Applications
Data Science

The Data Science course organization is shared with other three departments: Computer Sciences, Computer, Control and Management Engineering, Electronic Engineering.


Full responsibility for School of Statistical Sciences, with 3 active curricula, Demography, Actuarial Sciences and Methodological Statistics.
Collaboration: curriculum in Operational research of the Phd program "Automatica, Bioengineering and Operations Research" of the Control and Management Engineering department.
Collaboration: PhD in European PhD program in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies. The program is part of the international academic cooperation SESS-EuroPhD.

Master in Big Data. Statistical Methods for the Knowledge Society
Master in Data intelligence and decision-making strategies