The Department of Statistical Sciences, although recently established (1st of July 2010), is born from the merging of other 3 departments representing the historical heritage (since 1920) of statistics and related disciplines at the Sapienza university of Rome becoming the center of multidisciplinary and highly diversified research.  In the department expertise touching all fields of statistics, demography, actuarial sciences,probability, finance, econometrics, economics, social sciences, computer science and operational research are present among the more than 60 faculties. The Department includes 28 technical and administrative technicians and about 80 between post-docs and young researchers.

The Department administers and teaches several undergraduate and graduate courses, Masters and a since long time established Phd program.
Since November 2010 we are part of the Faculty of Information Engineer, Informatics and Statistics together with:

(Prof. Maurizio Vichi)