This Conference is a regional Meeting of The International Environmetrics Society (TIES), organized by Yunnan University and Peking University, and a Satellite of ISI-WSC 2019. It is designed to be attractive for applied and methodological statisticians as well as scientists from other disciplines interested in Air Pollution, Climate and Environment from all over the world and a substantial focus from Asian. 

Main Themes are Statistical methods and applications for

Air quality assessment and monitoring

Climate Change assessment and monitoring

Interactions between Climate change and air pollution

Health effects of air pollution

Air pollution source apportionment

Data science for environmental problems

Spatial and spatiotemporal modelling

Functional, directional and complex data

Official statistics for Air quality

Official statistics for Climate change


Ecological systems

Water bodies


Economics and Finance of environmental risks



26-08-2019 to 27-08-2019
Yunnan University, Kunming China