Corso online per studenti del Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Attuariali e Finanziarie


Date: September 23 - December 20 2019 (13 weeks course)

Overview: 2 hours online Lab lecture per week: we don't expect the students to be able to read all the material available on the Lab and to gain in-depth understanding. We expect the students to watch all the video lectures, which is very important to grasp the big picture, and to study in greater detail a few sections per week (the suggested sections are highlighted in bold in the schedule, but they are subject to minor changes as we converge on the program)
Homework: few exercises that either test the broad understanding (e.g. T/F) or go in depth into the highlighted sections.

A temptative schedule is here

Rita L. D’Ecclesia
Luca Passalacqua
Gilberto Castellani

Grading policy
Student's grade for this course will be determined according to the following components:

  • [30%] Lab activity (monitored by ARPM)
  • [25%] Forum participation (assessed by ARPM: there are no right or wrong questions and answers.
    Every q/a in the theory and code boards positively contributes)
  • [25%] Class participation (assessed by your Professor)
  • [20%] Homework (graded by your Professor)