A. De Gregorio
This paper deals with a new class of random flights $\underline{\bf X}_d(t),t>0,$ defined in the real space $\mathbb{R}^d, d\geq 2,$ characterized by non-uniform probability distributions on the multidimensional sphere. These random motions differ from similar models appeared in literature which take directions according to the uniform law. The family of angular probability distributions introduced in this paper depends on a parameter $\nu\geq 0$ which gives the level of drift of the motion. Furthermore, we assume that the number of changes of direction performed by the random flight is fixed. The time lengths between two consecutive changes of orientation have joint probability distribution given by a Dirichlet density function. The analysis of $\underline{\bf X}_d(t),t>0,$ is not an easy task, because it involves the calculation of integrals which are not always solvable. Therefore, we analyze the random flight $\underline{\bf X}_m^d(t),t>0,$ obtained as projection onto the lower spaces $\mathbb{R}^m,m0.$ Although, in its general framework, the analysis of $\underline{\bf X}_d(t),t>0,$ is very complicated, for some values of $\nu$, we can provide some results on the process. Indeed, for $\nu=1$, we obtain the characteristic function of the random flight moving in $\mathbb{R}^d$. Furthermore, by inverting the characteristic function, we are able to give the analytic form (up to some constants) of the probability distribution of $\underline{\bf X}_d(t),t>0.$
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Bessel functions, Dirichlet distributions, hyperspherical coordinates, isotropic random motions, non-uniform distributions on the sphere
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Rapporto Tecnico
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