SI Committee on Women in Statistics (CW-ISI) Free Webinar
8 November 2023 at 12.00-13.00 UTC
The webinar is free of charge. There will be room for comments and questions. The Webinar will be recorded.
Webinar duration: 60 minutes.
Speaker: Prof Ayse Aysin Bilgin
Abstract: What does a statistician do as part of her job whether she is an academic or working in industry? She works in teams and almost never alone. Therefore, the skills that facilitate working together are as important as the knowledge of statistics to be successful. Are you able to identify opportunities to become an integral part of your workplace? What is important? What is not? How can you create more time to deal with all interesting opportunities? Have you ever considered becoming a mentor or have you ever needed a mentor? How can you benefit from a mentor-mentee relationship? Do you have to be a superwoman to be successful? Are you able to value your own work? Some of these questions raised has been part of many research projects in workplaces, some in literature too. Come alone so that we can answer the questions together. I hope that you will be armed with more positive expectations of future possibilities and notice that how important to appreciate and acknowledge your own work and achievements.