The International Conference on Applied Probability and Statistics (CAPS 2019) will be organized to provide participants with opportunities to promote new applications of probability and statistics to real-world problems.
CAPS 2019 will also offer a unique opportunity for statisticians and data scientists outside Vietnam to exchange ideas and explore opportunities for collaboration with local researchers, practitioners, and graduate students. A large portion of the audience will be the graduate students looking for their research directions.
CAPS 2019 follows a similar pattern of international conferences on Applied Probability and Statistics in Vietnam in 1999, 2008 and 2013. CAPS 2019 is mainly sponsored by the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training.
A one-day pre-conference meeting will also be organized on April 2, 2019 at the Academy of Policy and Development of the Vietnamese Ministry of Planning and Investment with emphasis on official statistics. As Vietnam has emerged as one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations, CAPS 2019 also provides an excursion around Hanoi and a tour to Ha Long Bay.

02-04-2019 to 06-04-2019
Hanoi, Vietnam