Random motions with finite velocity and related partial differential equations

Il giorno 11 Marzo con inizio alle ore 11.00   il dott. Garra terrà il Seminario ”Random motions with finite velocity and related partial differential equations"   mediante accesso al seguente link:  https://uniroma1.zoom.us/j/86128803817?pwd=QStzMzB0ZGJLWFc5Z3FWaUJ0L1Q1QT09    Per coloro che volessero partecipare in presenza,  il seminario si terrà nella Sala 34 del Dipartimento, IV piano.   Abstract: Starting from the pioneering works by Goldstein (1951) and Kac (1956), the connection between random motions with finite velocity and hyperbolic-type partial differential equations has been widely studied with relevant developments both in mathematical research (on random evolutions and random flights) and interesting models in statistical physics (on persistent random walks and their applications). In this context, I will describe my main contributions about the connection between homogeneous and non-homogeneous telegraph-type equations and related stochastic models, showing also the interesting role played by fractional integrals in some specificic cases. A short discussion about the recent applications to run-and-tumble models will be also presented.  Finally I will discuss some ideas about the current developments on this research topic.
dott. Roberto Garra
11/03/2021 - 11:00